Logo Widows sons

Symbolism of the WS logo

The logo, incorporates Masonic symbols, since the members of the Association of WS are primarily masons and motorcycle lovers.

The triangle or pyramid represents the 3 degrees of artisanal masonry. The 3 points of the triangle represent the 3 small lights or the 3 lit candles which are part of the furniture of each Masonic lodge.

The eye that sees everything in the pyramid represents the vigilance of the Great Architect of the Universe. It reminds us that we are always watched or watched and therefore we must govern ourselves accordingly in public or with our brothers.

In the points of the triangle are symbols representing 3 officer's jewels; the square, the level and the compass. These tools of work are also representative of the 3 small lights and their Masonic symbolisms.

The Sun at its meridian at the top of the pyramid is representative of the fact that there are Masonic Lodges in all parts of the globe. We can really say that "the sun never sets on Freemasonry". The sun also represents the venerable master of each lodge. The sun is thus placed above the top of the pyramid and above the square, which is the jewel of the master.

The wings represent personal freedom, the ideal that Freemasons have adopted since the beginning of our old and honorable fraternity. The wings are also a popular symbol of motorcycling enthusiasts and used in many motorcycle related logos, such as Harley Davidson, to name just one example.

The words "Meet on the level and leave on the square" were added to remind our brothers without motorbikes that the Widows' Sons are primarily masons and we should be welcomed and treated as such. The phrase also stimulates the curiosity of laypeople who see our logo and can get them to learn about its meaning. This allows us to react to its Masonic nature and to inform them of Freemasonry and our fraternity.


The words, Widows Sons, are in red to represent and reflect our passion for Freemasonry, the organization of Widows Sounds and the sport of motorcycle.